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5 Dance Docs to Watch This Women’s History Month

Taylor Price

2021, MAR 4th

How ‪Women Dancers Are Redefining Oakland’s Street Dancing Scene
Mixing hip-hop moves with breakdancing, house, samba, waacking, ballet, and jazz, the women of Mix’d Ingrdnts started their own dance.

Acknowledging women’s contributions to dance, Oakland’s Traci Bartlow says it best: “We got the funk. We got the bottom. We got the bass.” Bartlow, a dance historian and OG practitioner of funk boogaloo and various Black dances, kicks off our If Cities Could Dance mixtape for Women’s History Month. This special release highlights women movement artists from across the country who are finding their power and asserting their voices through dance. From the girls and women helping revive Washington, D.C.’s Beat Ya Feet culture to San Francisco tap dancers creating space for a new Chicana aesthetic, watch how women are breaking barriers in dance and forging paths for future generations to follow. Together, their movement reminds us of what is possible when women, with our multitude of intersectional identities, collectively come together and demand to be seen, respected, and celebrated in our fullness.

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