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"Women have the capability to express themselves through their movement, but it doesn't have to be degrading in any way."
-Jenay, Director & Co-founder 

Mix’d Ingrdnts is a multi-ethnic and diverse collective of female artists who work together as an all styles dance company, with the intent of cultivating a stronger community of artists of all ages through urban performance, dance education and connection.


Co-Founders Jennifer “Jenay” Anolin and Samara Atkins began the company in 2010 wanting to affect their community in ways that inspired people to have an artistic approach to evoke social change and to tell a story.


Mix’d Ingrdnts exists to empower women to express themselves and to hold platforms to help facilitate the community speaking up and out for the greater good. Mix’d also strives to empower youth through knowledge and dance in order to impact their lives so that they can impact others and their communities.

The company does this through forums, school assemblies, festivals, and various events around the Bay Area, that promote social change and/or entertains the community.

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