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Wellness Summit


Mix'd Ingrdnts will be hosting a Mind-Body Wellness Summit

for Womxn on Saturday and Sunday, June 22 & 23rd from 10am-5pm.

A variety of classes will be offered that promote 

physical, emotional or mental wellness. 

Each class will be offered on a sliding scale of $5-S10

but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 


We will announce the schedule end of May!

Subscribe below to be emailed when schedule is out.


Marina _edited.jpg

Astrology Sexuality and Sexual Health
 Nurse Boogz

The class will cover the main astrological transits involved in: formation of sexual identity, individuation, midlife and menopause, transits that indicate male identified folks receptivity to the needs of femme presenting folks and other marginalized communities, brief overview of intimate relationship indicators in a chart and why Sun sign compatibility isn’t the only place it’s at, hormonal issues that may arise, ways to support sexual health and function, brief overview of procreative health for men and women and how that can show up astrologically. 

 Tori Paul_edited.jpg

Meeting the Soul of your Voice
Tori Paul

The vibration of the non-dual formless being appears in form, as sound. This sonic workshop explores the power of sound and vocalization as a contemplative tool for mediation. In this workshop we will find how the expressive tool of our own voice can guide us towards a more integrated, holistic well being and a greater connectivity with the community. Using the sound produced by our bodies, rhythms of our breath and the intentional focus of the practice, the body opens to the soul, moving back to its source. These practices originate in the Eastern Tantric, Vedic and Shamanic traditions across spiritual topographies to resonate with the body and achieve altered states of conscious connection with the personal and the transcendental. 

Julie Tu.jpeg

FInancial Wellness
Julie Tu

 In today's ever-changing (and difficult) economic landscape, mastering the fundamentals of budgeting and investment is essential for building a secure financial foundation. Throughout this workshop, we'll delve into practical strategies for creating and managing budgets effectively, as well as demystifying basic investment principles and vehicles. Join us as we embark on a journey towards financial literacy and empowerment, arming you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.


Healing with Whole Foods
Jenay Anolin

Participants will learn about what foods are help the body heal naturally. Participants will how to combat  stress, inflammation, or recovery after movement or physical activity.

Eden Mussie_edited.jpg

Learning the Language of your Body
Eden Mussie

Learning the language of your body is an intro somatic workshop focused on building somatic awareness, specifically exploring your body (how does your body feel, how are you being in space, and what may your body want or need). The goal is for participants to feel in choice to explore their bodies at their own pace and for participants to leave feeling more connected, inspired, access to possibility, and or aliveness.


Dance Party
samara Atkins

This cardio dance class is a fun way to work out your body, mind, and soul. This style class keeps participants moving from beginning to end with great music, accessible movement, and exercise, with no previous experience required. Designed for participants to get their party on, their cardio in, release good endorphins, and connect with others. Music spans from the 70s to now. Good vibes, great music, and positive energy. Participants can choose and channel their energy levels throughout the workshop, understand the importance of engaging in movement to enhance their quality of life, and leave feeling better than when they came in.

afi ayanna_edited.jpg

Rest as Resistance
Afi Ayanna

Rest as Resistance is a workshop focusing on creating a sacred healing spaces that allow for the reset of the nervous system.

Tricia Choi_edited.jpg

Uncover your authentic self through mindfulness
Tricia Choi

This is an introduction to mindfulness for humans—especially if you identify with the energy of womxn, are a nurturer, or a creative (nurturing your artistic expression into the world). We cover the four foundations of mindfulness and practice techniques that will help you ground and connect with your most centered, authentic, and powerful creative self. You will be able to recognize your patterns and programing and move beyond them. These practices will be your best friend during bouts of impostor syndrome, creative droughts, and of course dealing with frustrations of living within our current archaic systems.

Raisa Garcia_edited.jpg

How to HANDLE Difficult DIalouges
Raissa Garcia

Throughout this workshop, we'll dive into strategies and techniques to make navigating difficult conversations a breeze. Our goal is to help you feel confident and composed when discussing controversial subjects, even when emotions run high. Whether it's bridging ideological divides, addressing sensitive topics, or managing emotions during heated exchanges, our goal is to empower participants with the skills to foster meaningful dialogue and bridge divides. From active listening to empathetic listening, we'll cover it all. We'll explore how to truly listen to others, understand their perspectives, and express our own ideas thoughtfully. 

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